Semper Valens Solutions, Inc. Dan Young Scholarship

On June 10, 2017, Dan Neil Young, 59, of Whetstone, Arizona, passed away of a sudden illness. Mr. Young was a respected and valued member of the Semper Valens Solutions (SVS) team. In his memory, The Dan Young Scholarship was established to honor him and his charitable contributions of his time to the community around him, the industry he worked in, and each team he supported with his contributions of knowledge, skills and abilities. The Dan Young Scholarship is the Executive Group’s way of honoring him and keeping his memory flowing with each person it touches.

Dan’s Story

Dan was born in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, on Jan. 21, 1958. He graduated from Penns Grove High School in 1976 and earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Delaware. He was a Russian linguist in the Army and served in Germany during the Cold War. After his service, Dan went on to earn his master’s degree in systems engineering from the University of Arizona. Dan enjoyed his work as an engineer supporting the military, and continued to serve his country in Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He and his family were able to live abroad in Germany and enjoyed traveling throughout Europe.

Dan lived a very active life and enjoyed the outdoors. He enjoyed cycling with his wife, and they entered into several charity races together, including the El Tour de Tucson. He enjoyed running and ran marathons in both the U.S., and in Europe. More recently, he ran 5Ks and 10Ks with his daughter, and even ran with his grandchildren in kid’s races. Dan enjoyed playing tennis and loved playing with his son and wife. He also enjoyed hiking, earned his black belt in Karate, and never gave up on his Philadelphia Phillies.

Dan was an exceptionally intelligent man and enjoyed problem solving, math, reading, and computers. He had a witty sense of humor and loved seeing those around him happy and laughing. Dan was the kind of man that everyone could depend on for support and love, and he always supported and believed in both of his children. He was the most wonderful grandfather and loved to spend time playing with his grandchildren. Dan was a kind, strong, smart, and selfless man who loved and served his family as well as his country.

Honoring Dan

The mission of this scholarship is to honor Dan’s memory and to continue his work to help others by creating opportunities so people can live better. Like Dan, we consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact on the team members with which we serve.

Giving the people of Semper Valens Solutions and their families access to a better life.

Scholarship Requirements

The student or applicant must be admitted to an accredited university or community college in a degree-seeking program, or in an industry recognized certification program. The student or applicant must submit a three page essay demonstrating their shared philosophy with Dan Young in community involvement. The submittal must exhibit the same work ethic, integrity, and principles of Dan Young. The essay can be in a Power Point Presentation or a Word document.


The goals for the Dan Young Scholarship are: to support the efforts of an employee, or a member of the employee’s family; to improve their, skills, knowledge and abilities; and improve their resume.

Eligility requirements:

1. Eligible Staff
2. A Spouse of a SVS employee
3. Domestic Partner or Civil Union Partner
4. A Child of a SVS employee
5. Eligible family member of the honoree

– 1 Eligible staff – includes all Semper Valens Solutions, Inc. employees; part time or full time with the longevity of one year or more. Temporary or inactive staff are not eligible.

– 2 Spouse – the eligible employee’s legal spouse, including common-law spouse. A tax return from a previous year authenticating the relationship must be submitted.

– 3 Domestic Partner or Civil Union Partner – the eligible employee’s same or opposite gender domestic partner or civil union partner. A domestic partner or civil union partner is eligible if a previous year tax return authenticating the relationship is submitted in conjunction with the application.

– 4 Eligible Child – the eligible employee’s biological children, adopted children, foster children, stepchildren, and legal wards of either the eligible employee or the eligible employee’s spouse, common-law spouse, domestic partner, or civil union partner as well as any person for whom either the eligible employee or the eligible employee’s spouse, common-law spouse, domestic partner, or civil union partner is standing in loco parentis, provided that the eligible child is under twenty-six (26) years of age.

– 5 Eligible Family Member of the Honoree – Family members of Dan Young, honoree, are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Eligible family members are defined in the requirements #2, #3 and #4 above.

Semper Valens Solutions is committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate against employees or their family members for the consideration of the Dan Young Scholarship. All eligible employees are encouraged to participate. Semper Valens Solutions, Inc. does not discriminate on any legally recognized basis [“protected class”] including, but not limited to: race; color; religion; genetic information; national origin; sex; pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions; age; disability; citizenship status; uniform servicemember status; or any other protected class under federal, state, or local law.


The Election Committee will consist of the Semper Valens Executive Group, (CEO, COO & CTO).

Human Resources will coordinate with the Election Committee.


The Election Committee will accept application essays from May 1st to May 31st of each calendar year. The Election Committee will have 30 calendar days to evaluate and make award determinations.


The student or applicant may apply
  • If they are a current employee of Semper Valens Solutions or an eligible family member
  • Annually between May 1st and May 31st. Once an applicant is awarded a scholarship, they can no long apply for additional scholarships
Employment Status

If a current employee of Semper Valens Solutions, Inc. or an eligible family member is awarded the scholarship, but voluntarily or involuntarily leaves the company before payment, the award is forfeited. The next candidate with the highest score will be awarded the scholarship.

Conflict of Interest

Executive Group members and family members are not eligible for the scholarship


The amount of the scholarship is $10,000.00. The amount may be awarded to a single candidate or divided amongst multiple candidates.

Submittal Process

All applicants must send their essay to the Human Resources Department between May 1st and May 31st. Send by email to


The purpose of this scholarship is to uphold a level of community that our fallen team member demonstrated in his life and to support our employee’s efforts for a quality of life balance. All of our processes and procedures in this endeavor are to follow our equal opportunity standards. Our level of community includes being fair and equitable.