Why Business Development?

BY: Joel D. Williams
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In my current position, I’m frequently asked why I enjoy business development. Most of my friends are software developers or engineers and are very passionate about what they do; but many of them – knowing my background as a software developer – are baffled by my passion for business development. Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly brilliant folks, whom I consider the top 10% within the IT industry. When the question regarding my love of business development arises, I can sense, veiled within their question, that they have a dislike for either business development in general or the proposal writing and submission process. Eventually, through conversation over time, we come around to why they asked, and I have found that most people either dislike writing or they find the associated activities to be a slow and frustrating process. I usually keep the conversation short and, until recently, I had not thought much about the topic. “Why do I like business development?”. I have a few thoughts on why, and I’ll share them over a series of articles that explores my passion for what I do and why I consider this a very rewarding period in my career.