Why Business Development Part 3

BY: Joel D. Williams Post 3 of 7

Proposal Management is really project management. Projects, by definition, have a well-defined start point and end point, and result in a usable product or expected outcome. I have found that every proposal is different and just like a software development project, takes on a life of its own. With every proposal I learn more, become better, and build a product that everyone in the team can be proud of. Through planning and analyzing courses of action, we prepare for opportunities and develop customized solutions that focus on our customer’s needs. As we continue to mature as a team we realize the results of that maturity in our products, i.e. our proposals.

I find enjoyment within Business Development because at the end, we develop and deliver amazing solutions. Each proposal brings its own unique challenges that push me to be better and to be more creative. Every proposal presents learning opportunities and personal growth. If you like doing something new every now and then, you might like being a proposal manager.