Why Business Development Part 5

By: Joel D. Williams

Post 5

Proposals are a product. The product is developed within a refined process that has proven successful, repeatedly.  Through well-defined processes, we have implemented standards of quality just like we would implement in any engineering or IT project.  In the management of a proposal and across the entire lifecycle of an opportunity, we follow a defined process that starts with the identification of an opportunity and ends with an award.  Every time we go through the process we make it better.  Lessons are learned, the team improves, and the process is refined.  I enjoy business development because it provides an opportunity for continual improvement. Through each iteration through the process, we learn from both successes and struggles.  In my team as a BD professional and since the beginning of SVS, we have seen innovation and gained efficiencies.  Becoming better, taking on new challenges, and delivering tangible solutions make a BD Career exciting for me.