Why Business Development Part 6

By; Joel Williams


Business Development is a growth engine. With every opportunity to grow the company, we develop and refine solutions and recommendations for our customers.  As we invest more and more time with the customer requirements we form ideas and concepts that translate into solutions and offerings for our customers.  Through this process I learn more and more about emerging capabilities, new technologies, and enhanced processes. At Semper Valens, we are an ISO 9001 certified company.  We invested in this certification for two reasons, the first being an investment in our internal quality management system.  We wanted to make sure that the core business delivered quality capabilities and success could be repeated while errors eliminated.  The 2nd reason, many current government solicitations require the offeror to be ISO 9001 certified, they are expecting the best from us and use this as a measure of maturity.


Enhancing and continually improving our quality processes is also important to SVS, which is why we sought and achieved our CMMI for Development, Maturity Level 3 certification.  This certification represents an additional degree of corporate maturity in how we develop and deliver software products.  Through participation in the development of our processes and procedures, I had the opportunity to both shape our company’s future and learned much from the model in how to ensure repeated success.  At the heart of Business Development, I find an opportunity to continually learn and evolve.