Meet Anthony Lewis

Anthony is an Integrated Logistics Specialist at Fort Hood, Texas. The following is a small portion of what he and his crew do for Semper Valens before and while on the road, as told by Anthony:

Our work actually starts about a month out when we receive our mission. We look over what has been ordered and make corrections to prevent us receiving equipment we don’t need. Then we submit our travel after the COR is approved. I then prepare our equipment for shipment, I have to ship my equipment along with the installers and the FEL. When we get our boots on the ground we have to complete the inventory anywhere from 3 to 100 pallets full of equipment. Once inventory is compete the equipment gets broken down to be installed. I then grab all the antenna’s request profiles, once the profiles come back, we start profiling the antenna’s which usually takes 2 days to complete, at the same time I will start burning hard drives. After the antenna’s and hard drives are finished, I will put them with the LRU’s, (CPU’s, KEYBOARDS, TABLETS) and issue them to the installers to be installed. After the equipment gets installed by the installers, the FEL, will test. Once the Vehicles pass the Big 3/5, I will call the supply personal to come and pick up their vehicles, when they arrive I will generate a 3161 hand receipt for the supply personal to sign for the equipment that was installed. At the end of the mission we have to prepare for return trip home. All equipment not installed has to be shipped along with all the equipment we brought.