A Capture Manager ~ An Orchestra Conductor

“In every great performance, the conductor and each of the individual musicians must be virtuosos playing their parts with precise timing. This analogy works for any capture team.”

SVS Senior Vice-President, Joel Williams, had the following to say regarding this quote:

The similarities between an Orchestra Conductor and a Capture Manager are remarkable.  Both are dealing with many moving pieces and many personalities.  Both the Capture Manager and Conductor are constantly dealing with a demanding timeline and usually an unforgiving schedule.  To be successful, both require the full commitment of the team and every member of the team must carry their own weight.  Without a Capture Manager and with out the Conductor, the entire goal falls apart.  Both must be assertive and take control, both require patience and foresight.

This above mentioned quote is from an online article entitled “Is your capture manager as skillful as an orchestra conductor?” You read the entire article at: