Secret Clearance Required Semper Valens Solutions is actively seeking the right professional to fill the role as the Operations Specialist. Serves as a technical expert in areas relevant to the project.  Must be capable of demonstrating experience in conducting analysis and developing solutions and in the application of information technology.  Produces and reviews technical documentation reflecting detailed knowledge of specific technical area.  Recommends measures to improve methods, performance, and quality of product or service, and suggests changes to increase efficiency. For more information or to apply, go to: #SemperValens #Hiring #Veterans

On June 10, 2017, Dan Neil Young, 59 of Whetstone, Arizona, passed away of a sudden illness. Mr. Young was a respected and valued member of the Semper Valens Solutions (SVS) team. In his memory, The Dan Young Scholarship was established to honor him and his charitable contributions of his time to the community around him, the industry he worked in, and each team he supported with his contributions of knowledge,skills and abilities. The Dan Young Scholarship is the Executive Group’s way of honoring him and keeping his memory flowing with each person it touches. The Dan Young Scholarship isRead More →

Chris Robinson Chief Technology Officer at Semper Valens Solutions Really good read. SVS allows for some remote work and increasing with every opportunity and it is working very well for us. Using the technology available to us increases productivity and efficiency whether we are in an office space 20 ft apart or remotely working a 1000 miles apart. #SemperValens #SVS #Hiring