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System Architect – Level 3 Network Engineer – Level 3 System Engineer – Level 3 System Engineer – Level 2 DCGS-A Fixed FSA For more information or to apply now, please go to: https://www.sempervalens.com/careers #SemperValens #Hiring #Veterans

Deepen your systems analysis experience and move along the system administration career path by joining the I2TS3 team.  Some of the duties include: Provide Tier I and II support at remote field and garrison sites. Perform server and desktop installation, basic cabling. Perform systems administration of desktop and server systems connected to local and wide area networks. For more information or to apply, go to: https://www.sempervalens.com/recruiting/careers/index.php?m=careers&p=showJob&ID=1445 #SemperValens #Hiring #Veterans