Our own Arthur Perez supporting the community outreach programs!

Arthur is a member of https://infoseccareer.org/ (ISCO) and a member of their  Mentor Program as a mentee.  Pictured with James D. Grisham:  Vice President of the Dallas InfosecCareer.Org chapter and Board of Directors and Advisors. www.linkedin.com/in/jgrisham/ ISCO was built for the purposes of bringing future and current information security professionals together into a value-driven, ever-evolving, volunteer-powered community.  The out reach leaders try to connect members of specific groups into the ISCO community through active outreach programs. Their current outreach focus includes garnering membership in ISCO for teens and young adults, diversity groups, military groups, university groups, economically-challenged communities and finally driving the members to actively attend other infosec community group’s events. There is a monthly meetup that is hosted by ISCO and brings other organizations to get together as well for a once a month event and group projects and education.