While sitting in on a discussion with our CDO and a marketing specialist to discuss branding, he was asked if there was anything special about Semper Valens that sets us apart from our competition. With little hesitation he responded “not really”. To be fair, the context of the conversation had just shifted from the unique cultures of the Google’s and Facebooks’s of the world which led into this question. With this in mind, I completely understand the response, but the more I thought about this exchange the more it bothered me because in my own mind I’ve always loved theRead More →

Join the team that operates and maintains the information technology networks for the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Ensure and support the INSCOM mission through ensuring reliable, uninterrupted availability of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM) including: networks, hardware, software, engineering, and specialized tools at the point of the customer’s need. For more information or to apply, go to: https://www.sempervalens.com/recruiting/careers/index.php?m=careers&p=showJob&ID=1269 #SemperValens #Hiring #Veterans