From the Desk of Jason Rains. “Culture In the Eye of the Beholder”

While sitting in on a discussion with our CDO and a marketing specialist to discuss branding, he was asked if there was anything special about Semper Valens that sets us apart from our competition. With little hesitation he responded “not really”. To be fair, the context of the conversation had just shifted from the unique cultures of the Google’s and Facebooks’s of the world which led into this question. With this in mind, I completely understand the response, but the more I thought about this exchange the more it bothered me because in my own mind I’ve always loved the culture that has been fostered here at Semper Valens.

My unique perspective having had long standing professional relationships with most of the executives at Semper Valens prior to coming on board, and currently working “in the trenches” so to speak with our teams at Ft. Huachuca gives me a heightened appreciation of how important culture is to each individual.

The transparency from the executive leadership with their willingness to field tough questions in open forums such as Town Hall or All-hands meetings, combined with the general sense of positivity exuded when providing regular updates to team members regarding the health of the company fosters a sense of ownership across the teams. I personally observe a comradery amongst team members, and a genuine sense of excitement that what each individual does matters to both the customer they support, and to the well-being of the company, which in turn, will contribute to the overall good of all Semper Valens team members!

This is regularly demonstrated daily in the positive attitudes of those I get to work with and a quiet confidence amongst my fellow team members even in the face of change, whether it be due to shifting requirements by the customer or because of contract transitions. There is a continued stability in our collective countenance that we do not see in some of our counterparts who work for other companies.

While we do not have all the trappings of excess that Google has when people think of regarding their culture, we certainly share a sense of pride that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and we have a very positive outlook that we are contributing to a thriving and growing community of professionals around the Globe! We are an exceptional group of professionals who are highly sought after to solve some of the world’s toughest technological challenges and we love that we get to be a part of a company that is growing and thriving!