The selected candidate will support management and technical coordination tasks, consults as an SME to solve complex problems in technical areas. The Subject Matter Expert collaborates with customer(s) to determine specific needs and requirements.  For more information or to apply, go to: #Semper Valens #Hiring #Veterans

Canyon Lake, TX – Semper Valens Solutions, Inc. (SVS) was notified on January 17th, 2019 that they were part of the winning team under DHPC Technologies. As part of Team DHPC, SVS will continue our support providing acquisition management, systems engineering, technical support, logistics support and management support to accomplish the mission and goals of PM SAI. Having provided support to PM SAI over the past three years, SVS is excited to continue making significant contributions to Product Director, Airborne Reconnaissance Low; Product Manager, Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems; SOCOM; Product Manager, Sensors-Unmanned & Rotary Wing; and Product ManagerRead More →

As leaders, we often find ourselves mired in a myriad of day-to-day tasks necessary to accomplish our goals and meet our requirements. But it’s worth pausing and reflecting upon the true purpose of leadership, and considering what that means before we dive back into the chaos of the day. Leaders inspire, encourage others to grow, and leave an enduring and positive influence. There are numerous approaches to achieve these results, however, regardless of the path adopted, the outcome must remain the same, as Walter Lippmann put it, “The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him inRead More →