From the Desk of Joel Williams. -Making the Most of Your Commute-

At least a few times a week, I find myself spending at least an hour or two in the car.  Usually, I fill the time catching up with colleagues, employees, and my boss.  Recently, we decided to begin the process of enhancing our corporate capability and implement modern design practices.  As it had been a few years since I had developed new software, I decided it was time to learn about the cutting-edge design philosophies.  To learn more, I turned to two newer e-learning apps that could run from my iPhone.  The first was Coursera.  Through Coursera I was able to take the Human Centered Design course.  The delivery of the material was excellent!  The app worked flawlessly and delivered video sessions for all lectures.  In addition, you could read along, take quizzes and interact with the instructors.  I was able to listen to almost all the lectures as I commuted back and forth to work.  While Coursera does have a minimal cost, the delivery and the experience were exceptional.  Recently, and on the heels of completing the HCD course, I started using the edX app. EdX gives you access to thousands of free courses from this nation’s leading universities.  I just started the Data Structures and Software Design course and I am looking forward to my drive into the office tomorrow!