From the Desk of Jason Rains

“Your rewards in life will be in direct proportion to the value of your service to others.”

― Brian Tracy in The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

People often say “how nice it must be to be the boss”, or “I can’t wait to be in charge” because they have a misconceived notion of the responsibilities that come with leadership. They perceive that it is all rainbows and unicorns filled with laughter, cocktail parties, and rounds of golf. This is largely because these are the only events that get posted to the corporate social media account. What genuine leaders never share is the countless hours they spend agonizing over decisions on behalf of the teams they lead. True leaders never advertise how many hours they work in spite of the 50-80 hours per week that has become their norm. They don’t seek reward or recognition, instead they are constantly seeking for ways to acknowledge the achievements of their team members recognizing that the advancement and promotion of their team members is indicative of their own leadership abilities. This is reward enough for the true leader. This leadership philosophy is what I have come to appreciate most about Semper Valens Solutions.

As I have been privileged to grow in this company, I have personally witnessed that the senior most people in the company are those that work the hardest. I have had numerous occasions where I emailed one of the Executive leaders with a question late at night thinking I would see their response in the morning only to get a response within minutes or seconds. I’ve had numerous late-night conversations with the Executive team collaborating on a resolution of an issue impacting a single employee. I’ve seen numerous occasions where leadership went out of their way to openly acknowledge the achievements of our team members constantly advocating and bragging on our people to our customers.

On a recent contract transition, there were cuts made to the level of effort after the contract had been awarded and the Program Manager recommended that she be the first to be cut just to save the jobs of others on her team. This is the type of selfless service that I am speaking of. It is this type of leadership that I have observed at all levels of Semper Valens that many team members are never made aware of. Even still, there is a tangible sense among our teams that leadership genuinely cares about the people. This is something that cannot be faked. It is because servant leadership is a core component of how we operate at Semper and it is a rewarding experience to be a part of a leadership team that is truly others focused. In my estimation, this is the sign of a healthy company and it is this culture that makes Semper Valens a desirable place to be and I am so happy to be a part of such a thriving team!