From the Desk of Nick Brown, Our Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer.

The Journey:

Since joining Semper Valens 4 years ago, we have grown as a company in so many different ways.  We have implemented new systems, obtained company certifications, and have experienced significant contract wins which have resulted in tremendous year-over-year growth.  Each year as we meet to plan our new goals, I can’t help reflecting back on two messages that our CEO, Scott Balmos has repeated to me since I started:

#1 – It’s important to have big goals that you are focused on achieving, but it’s equally as important to enjoy and appreciate the journey.  As I reflect on my 4 year journey thus far, I take appreciation in knowing not only how much I and my colleagues have grown, but also how much SVS has matured as a company.  I have enjoyed so many things about my time here and have built life-long relationships that go well beyond work.  The journey is different for everyone, but if you take the time to appreciate accomplishments along the way, then you will enjoy the big moments so much more.

#2 – It’s important to have work-life harmony.  I have heard the term work-life balance for most of my career, but I really like the phrase work-life harmony so much more because you don’t force everything to work at once.  You focus on arranging your life so that at times you can focus more on work and other times you can focus more on family.  By making conscious decisions and doing something that you are passionate about, you can create a sense of harmony in your life.  I would say that achieving harmony is a moving target, but through diligent planning and truly understanding what drives you, I believe that it can be accomplished.