From the Desk of Joel Williams:

As a Service-Disabled Veteran, this anonymous poem strikes a cord with me. The bond that forms between Veterans is one that cannot be understood unless you are within that bond.  The pride that goes with service to our country is something I hold dear as do most Veterans that I know.  The bond that brings all Veterans together spans generation, spans service, and should be honored.  Because I am a Veteran, I look for ways to help other Veterans and honor those that need help. 

I am personally excited to start participating with this NPO, Veteran Urn Project of Tampa.  As an avid wood worker, this is just one way that I can give back.  I encourage everyone, find a small way to honor a Veteran today.  If you don’t know how, this group is a great way to start.  Stay tuned and I will post my first urn in a few weeks.

Never again should we let a Veteran be buried in a plastic or cardboard box.