From the Desk of Susan McCathern: Continuous Evaluation (CE) & Clearance Investigations/Timelines

Currently there are 3 million cleared personnel enrolled in Continuous Evaluation (CE) of which 675,000 are industry (contractors).  The goal of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) is to have all cleared personnel enrolled in CE by the end of 2021.  There are currently thousands of cleared contractors that cannot be brought into CE because in order to be in CE, their last submitted SF86 must have been a 2010 version or later.  For Semper Valens Solutions this is of particular interest for our employees who have Secret eligibility.  An investigation for Secret eligibility is valid for ten (10) years.  We expect to start receiving notifications from DCSA to initiate re-investigations for our employees with Secret eligibility between now and June 2022. 

Across the entire spectrum of cleared employees nationwide which is comprised of 205,700 investigation), 48% of received alerts that were NOT previously reported to the FSO. There should be ZERO incidents NOT reported! This tells Security we need to provide more information and training to our employees on what incidents are required to be reported.

Clearance Investigations and Timelines

Security is constantly asked how long an investigation will take; why is it taking so long.  To give you an idea: 

Currently there are 205.7K investigation in progress for all cleared personnel of which only 34.2K are for contractors. There are 103.5K adjudication of which 30.1K for contractors.

The current timeline for interim clearance is 5-7 days.  But an interim is only granted after VROC (Vetting Risk Operation Center) conducts a review of the SF-86. Currently, for personnel who have never had a clearance, VROC’s review of the SF-86 is taking between 29 and 33 days.  Once VROC completes the SF-86, the investigator receives and starts the investigation.  The investigator completes the investigation and provides a recommendation to VROC.  VROC makes a final determination and either provides or denies clearance eligibility.

To give you an idea of how the investigation process is going:

T3 (Secret) Initials –for FY21 2Q                 T5 (Top Secret) Initials –for FY21 2Q

29 days to review submission                         33 days to review submission

6 days for investigation                                   118 days for investigation

17 days for adjudication                                  5 days for adjudication

For T3R (Secret Re-Investigation) and T5R (Top Secret Re-Investigation) VROC is taking approximately 119 days to conduct just the review of the SF-86.

Summary:  If you do not report incidents to your FSO, Continuous Evaluation will eventually find out and initiate an investigation.  Report everything you are supposed to report.  If unsure, contact Security.  Still wondering why your clearance has not been granted yet or your re-investigation is not completed yet?  The only type of investigation that is a priority for investigations is a negative investigation.  For all other investigation types, contractors are on the bottom of the list after active duty and civil service. 

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