Semper Valens has several exciting Job openings in Fort Gordon, Georgia, to include: Cyber Security Field Service Technician Level 2 Hardware Support/Maintenance Technician Hardware Support/Maintenance Technician System Administrator System Engineer If any of these openings interest you, Please contact us at: #jobs #careers #sempervalens #hiring

Semper Valens Solutions has the following positions available: BCCS, DCGS-A FIXED, DCGS-A MOBILE, AFATDS, BCCS, Prophet, TGS, AND WIN-T Located in the following areas: GERMANY, KOREA, NEW YORK, LOUISIANA, N. CAROLINA, AND TEXAS #Employment #Jobs #Sempervalens #Hiring #Veterans

Offered up by U.S. Navy Operational Stress Control: Get a little sunlight whenever you can. Just a 5 minute walk before you get in your car to go to work or hole up with your computer at your office can not only give you an extra boost of motivation, but also give your thoughts some time to settle and get organized.