Army Intelligence Digital Transformation Engineering Services (AIDTES)
Fusion Brain installations, upgrades and depot level support. Analyzing system performance, failure frequency, difficulty of repair and associated cost information to derive recommended changes that increase system reliability, simplify or lower maintenance costs, or increase system availability.
Sub-contractor to Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Contract Number GS00Q14OADU308 / 47QFCA18F0114
Contract Expiration September 2023

Cyber Enterprise Services (CES)
Agile DevSecOps software development teams that perform software development and system engineering services to enable a suite of Cyber Enterprise Services, using a wide array of technologies in support of the Air Force and other military service organizations.
Sub-contractor to Accenture Federal Services, LLC
Contract Number FA8307-16-D-0021/FA8307-19-F-0041
Contract Expiration November 2021

Logistical Support – Communications Security Logistics Activity (LOG-CSLA)
Logistics support, tracking, reset, and analysis of strategic Controlled Cryptographic Items and deliver COMSEC TRAINING TEAM Programs of Instruction worldwide.
Sub-contractor to: AASKI
Contract number: W15P7T-10-D-D421 /Y601
Contract Expiration: July 2021

Data Architectural Content Management Services (DACMS)
In support of the Communications-Electronic Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center (SEC), Services Directorate’s mission, Semper Valens Solution provides Data Architecture Support, Army Data Management Program Support, Strategic Services Architecture Support, Data Centric Solutions, and Content / Knowledge Management Solution Services. With work locations at Fort Belvoir, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and Fort Sam Houston, our team is comprised of Software Engineers, System Administrators, and Data Engineers. We provide complete coverage of all support installations and major commands, with an emphasis on critical support services to the Army Material Command (AMC), Installation Management Command (IMCOM). In this role, SVS develops, maintains, and deploys software solutions for every Army installation within the Continental United States.
Subcontractor to Key-W, a Jacobs Company
Contract Number W15P7T-12-D-E003 / W56JSR-19-F-0072
Contract Expiration April 2024

Defensive Applications and Network Support (DANS)
Continuous development, integration, testing, deployment and sustainment of the Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter (CVA/H) Weapon System. The services include all engineering and logistics disciplines required to develop and sustain systems in accordance with DoDi 5000.02.
Sub‐contractor to Technica Corporation
Contract Number FA873214D0015 / FA8307-19-F-0098
Contract Expiration August 2025

Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) Family of System (FoS) Systems Engineering and Technical Maintenance (D-SETM)
Provide lifecycle Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) and Post Production Software Support (PPSS) Technical Assistance services to the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center (SEC), Intelligence, Electronic Warfare & Sensors Directorate (IEW&SD), and Intelligence Support Division (ISD), DCGS-A Family of Systems. This support includes Software Integration and Build Services, Cybersecurity Services, Configuration Management (CM) Services, Verification and Validation Services, Infrastructure Services, and Logistics Services to support the SEC mission.
Sub‐contractor to ManTech
Contract Number W15P7T-12-D-E005 / W56JSR19F0084
Contract Expiration October 2024

Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Sensors - Sensor System and Software Support (IEWS-S4)
Providing Post Production/Post Deployment Software Support (PPSS/PDSS) for the CECOM SEC(SEC), IEW&S Sensors and Mission Equipment Division. This support is essential in maintaining readiness for the Divisions Systems/Capabilities. The software maintenance entails integrating/developing/enhancing infrastructure and tools used for the development, validation and testing, dissemination of software updates, provide support for urgent operational requirements, and provide software familiarization. Our primary goal is to support the solider in the field.
Sub‐contractor to Leidos
Contract Number W15P7T-12-D-E001 / W56JSR19F0129
Contract Expiration September 2024

Veterans Administration Office of Inspector General Enterprise Management System Phase II Software Application/Web-based Services (OIG EMS)
Agile Software Development, Build and Testing, Agile Project Management, Configuration Management, Risk Management, and Release Support services for the Veterans Administration Office of Inspector General Enterprise Management System.
Sub‐contractor to GovernmentCIO
Contract Number VA11816D1003 / W15P7T19F0468
Contract Expiration January 2021

US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Information Technology Support Services 3 (I2TS3)
Network operations, operational maintenance, storage management, service desk, information assurance, engineering & installation, application maintenance, web services, communications, and engineering services.
Subcontractor to General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)
Contract Number HHM402-15-D-0020-YJ01
Contract Expiration February 2022

GSA ITSS PM MC Global Fielding Support
Under the Project Manager Mission Command (PM MC) contract, Semper Valens Solutions provides fielding, installation, training, logistical support, and FSR support for the PM Mission Command Systems/applications and expands to include other PEO C3T managed systems. These products are categorized in three major areas: Fires, Command Posts and Platforms.
Subcontractor to Bowhead Systems Management, LLC
Contract Number W911NF‐15‐D‐0004
Contract Expiration February 2021

Service Delivery & Engineering Infrastructure Operations Support Services (SD&E IOSS)
Through its SD&E IOSS support, SVS assists the VA in leveraging Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) systems to meet mission goals and in support of those goals, constantly transforming Enterprise Operations (EO). Currently EO is integrating itself with Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM) Facilities and Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) to better service our Business Partners and Veterans.
Subcontractor to Leidos
Contract Number VA118-16-D-1004 / 36C10B18F2639
Contract Expiration June 2021

USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS)
Provide IT support for three FSIS ISO 17025 accredited laboratories supporting approximately 140+ applications on multiple platforms for more than 10,000 users. Conduct Windows 7 to Windows 10 deployment and migrate systems into Platform as a Service (PaaS).
Subcontractor to KeyW Corp. a wholly owned subsidiary of JACOBS
Contract Number HHSN316201200048W / AG-3A94-D-17-0052
Contract Expiration November 2021

Mission Command and Radars Software Support (MCRSS)
Provide training simulation, training material, documentation, and computer-based training (CBT) development, maintenance, and support to the Mission Command and Radars systems software.
Subcontractor to Leidos
Contract Number W15P7T-12-D-E001 / W56JSR19F0069
Contract Expiration May 2024

Veterans Affairs (VA) Pulse Transition to SharePoint Online (SPO)
Provide web design, web support, virtual collaboration management and training in support of Site Owners and Site Members migrating from the legacy VA Pulse application to SharePoint Online.
Subcontractor to Government CIO
Contract Number VA118-16D-1003 / 36C10B20N10030027
Contract Expiration March 2023

Project Manager Sensors – Aerial Intelligence (PM SAI)
Acquisition management, systems engineering, technical support, logistic support planning, and other management support services We provide a wide‐range of management and expertise during the development, acquisition or modification to five different aerial intelligence systems such as the Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Guardrail Common Sensor, Sensor Unmanned and Rotary Wing, and Airborne Reconnaissance Low.
Sub-contractor to DHPC
Contract Number W56KGY20F0026
Contract Expiration January 2022

Distributed Common Ground System – Army (DCGS-A) Software Sustainment Transition (IEWS-D)
Business analysis, field service analysis, information security analysis, network engineering, software development, system administration, and network engineering services for DCGS-A software sustainment transition.
Sub‐contractor to Bowhead
Contract Number W56JSR-19-C-0001
Contract Expiration March 2022

Program Manager Tactical Networks (PM TN) Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)
SVS provides Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and SETA support for acquisition, business and technical management capabilities to Project Manager Tactical Networks (PM TN) and subordinate organizations. Our scope includes Total Package Fielding (TPF), New Equipment Training (NET), Integrated Product Support (IPS), ad assorted logistics disciplines. SVS also performs and supports concept development and requirements planning; systems design, engineering and integration; technology insertion; documentation support; SW/HW engineering; preparation of independent assessments; value engineering; test integration and evaluation; and acquisition and lifecycle management.
Sub-contractor to Amentum
Contract Number 47QFEA20F0002
Contract Expiration December 2024

Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate Operations Support (I2WD)
SVS provides expert operations and technical services in support of efforts within the Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (I2WD) Operations Division. This includes requisite program management, administrative support, property management, security, environmental and safety and technical support necessary for the Operations Division to meet its mission and customer needs. This includes a wide variety of tasks, such as: equipment inventory; shipping and receiving; logistical support; process monitoring; and facility support. All services are supported with the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) concept and techniques to assist in significant process improvements within I2WD.​
Sub-contractor to Avenge
Contract Number W15P7T-19-D-0010
Contract Expiration September 2023

Ground Intelligence Support Activity (GISA) and Enterprise Transport (GET)
Provide Tier I / II customer service support to the US ARMY INSCOM customers. We actively monitor network and terminal operations to ensure connectivity and availability as well as monitoring network data traffic patterns to minimize choke points. Accountable for all aspects of Network requirements and managing the hands-on, day-to-day issues related to all Networks. Provide system administrator support for the GET TDN2 AD environment.
Sub-contractor to Jacobs
Contract Number W52P1J-18-D-A095
Contract Expiration September 2023

Veteran Experience Technical Platform Services (VETPS)
Provide product management support for the EPMO portfolio products and sustainment activities. Work areas include administrative support, meeting support, capital planning and investment, communications, technical writing, configuration management, onboarding, functional analysis, testing, implementation management, release management, schedule support, strategic analysis, engineering and technical support.
Sub-contractor to Government CIO
Contract Number VA118-16-D-1003
Contract Expiration September 2025