Task Orders

SSES NexGen Worldwide Systems Field Software Support
Systems support to the Warfighter providing: software troubleshooting, systems training, data management and systems security and maintenance.
Sub-contractor to ManTech; Contract Number: W15P7T-12-D-E005 / KX04
Contract Expiration: January 2020

SSES NexGen DCGS-A Integration, Engineering, and Technical Support
Software integration, PPSS, PDSS, Cyber Security, Information Assurance, CM, and RDIT support
Sub-contractor to Sotera Defense; Contract Number: W15P7T-12-D-E003 / KX01
Contract Expiration: September 2018

SSES NexGen CECOM SEC IEW&S Software Engineering and Sustainment
Software Engineering and Sustainment, Post Development Software Support (PDSS) and Post Production Software Support (PPSS) services
Sub-contractor to Sotera Defense; Contract Number: W15P7T-12-D-E003 DO / KX03
Contract Expiration: December 2018

Defense Systems (DS) Technical Area Task (TAT) 2T02
Weapon systems, Survivability/vulnerability, RMQSI, Advanced materials, Military sensing, Energetics,
Autonomous systems, Directed energy, Non-lethal weapons
Sub-contractor to CAS Inc.; Contract Number: FA8075-14-D-0025
Contract Expiration: June 2019

GSA ITSS PM MC Global Fielding Support
C4ISR services that encompass installation, logistics, and NET Instructors support to Mission Command Family
of Systems
Subcontractor to Bowhead; Contract Number: W911NF-15-D-0004
Contract Expiration: February 2021

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Enterprise Tasking, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (TPED)
Service (GETS) IT Support

Deliver GEOINT toolsets through an enterprise-grade Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform
Sub-contractor to CACI; Contract Number: GS00Q0-9B-G-D0037 and GSQ041-6D-B-0029
Contract Expiration: June 2021

Project Manager Sensors – Aerial Intelligence (PM SAI)
Acquisition management, systems engineering, technical support, logistic support planning, and other management support services
Sub-contractor to KBRWyle; Contract Number: W15P7T-10-D-D412 Delivery Order / KZ01
Contract Expiration: September 2019

Service Delivery & Engineering Information Technology Support Services (SD&E ITSS)
Provide engineering services and technical support to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Sub-contractor to SystemsMadeSimple, A LeidosCompany
Contract Expiration: September 2019

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) Support for Product Manager Radars
Systems engineering and technical assistance support services
Sub-contractor to Engineering Solutions & Products LLC; Contract Number: W56KGY-17-C-0011
Contract Expiration: May 2020

Logistical Support – Communications Security Logistics Activity (LOG-CSLA)
Logistics support, tracking, reset, and analysis of strategic Controlled Cryptographic Items and deliver COMSEC TRAINING TEAM Programs of Instruction worldwide
Sub-contractor to AASKI; Contract number: W15P7T-10-D-D421 /Y601
Contract Expiration: July 2019

IDIQ Vehicles (prime)

Seaport Enhanced Program (Seaport-e)

IDIQ Vehicles

Army Global Tactical Advanced Communications Systems (GTACS)

Software and Systems Engineering Services (SSES) NexGen

Strategic Services Sourcing (S3)

Technical Information Engineering Services (TIES)

Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Global Intelligence (GI)

Army Worldwide Communications and Infrastructure Support (WCIS)

Rapid Response 3rd Generation (R2-3G)

Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD)

SOCOM Wide Mission Support Category B (SWMS B)

Defense Systems (DS) Technical Area Task (TAT)